The Magic of The Blossom Dragon

Join us this Spring to celebrate Japan’s most revered season.

Sakura season, or the season of the Cherry Blossom, has officially begun, and we are honouring it with an experience like no other.

Running from the 26th April to the 7th June, we are commemorating the Japanese concept of Hanami with a partnership  to bring you an especially designed limited-edition cocktails and a blossom-themed dessert.

Our beautifully crafted cocktails include creations including our Gin based Japanese 135° Spritz that brings a blend of Rhubarb and Raspberry flavours and our Hanami Lady which features a lychee, cherry blossom and vermouth fusion.

Our dessert is a delicious Cherry and White Chocolate Cheesecake with 135° East Gin and Morello Cherry Sauce.